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Sourcefin and the GEP partner for growth

Empowering SMEs for growth: Sourcefin and GEP join forces in a transformative partnership, unlocking R150 million to fuel small business success. Learn more about this impactful collaboration.

The City of Joburg and Sourcefin join forces

The dynamic collaboration between Sourcefin and the City of Joburg aims to unlock the potential of SMMEs through a powerful combination of funding, expert guidance, and an extensive supplier network.

Sourcefin was born to enable the forgotten South African SMME

We are specialists in purchase order funding and invoice discounting

Purchase order funding

Invoice discounting

Partner with the experts in specialist, end-to-end purchase order / tender funding and sourcing support

Eliminate your small to medium sized business’ cashflow concerns by financing your unpaid invoices

Purchase order funding

Partner with the experts in specialist, end-to-end purchase order funding and sourcing support

Invoice discounting

Eliminate your cashflow concerns by financing your unpaid invoices giving you room to build your business

We partner with you for growth

And get paid only when you do.

How Sourcefin's funding works

Get funded in three simple steps and confidently grow your business.

A client in need of tender funding completing Sourcefin's simple application


Simple application

Tell us about yourself and your need for funding.


Smart approval

Receive quick decisioning through our advanced automations.

A client receiving a seamless advance of PO funding


Seamless advance

Grow your business using the funding we provide.

Worried that you won’t be able to deliver on your next order? Don’t.

Instead, trust Sourcefin as your specialist purchase order partner

Impress your client by delivering high-quality items to-spec on time, everytime with Sourcefin. Our full-service purchase order funding solution is guaranteed to wow your client, improving your chances of receiving more life-changing orders.

We make PO funding easy with our simple, smart and seamless approach.

Trust us to partner with you for growth.

Waiting impatiently for your next invoice to be paid? Don’t.

Instead, trust Sourcefin as your specialist invoice discounting partner.

Unlock the value in your unpaid invoices with Sourcefin innovative, fast funding solution. You don’t need to wait 30, 60, 90 days or longer to get paid now that you’ve met Sourcefin.

We make invoice discounting easy with our simple, smart and seamless approach.

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What is the Sourcefin difference?

We partner for growth.

Sourcefin is your partner of choice for securing and delivering on purchase orders issued in South Africa. We are funding and sourcing specialists who understand your cash flow needs and do everything we can to approve your funding request to help you deliver on larger, life-changing purchase orders because we see them as an opportunity for growth. The right PO funding partner can help you scale your business by developing long-term relationships.

Sourcefin prides itself on

Welcome to your personalised dashboard

Our personalised dashboard can help you keep track of all ongoing applications, deals, and orders. It allows you to simplify the application process and review previous and current purchase funding partnerships. It is easy to use, helpful for running your business, and free for Sourcefin partners.

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